Ed Robinson: Rainmaker Strategies

Ed Robinson: Rainmaker Strategies

Ed Robinson

November 12, 2016
8:30 am to 12 pm
Station Square, Pittsburgh

If you’re a speaker, author, expert, or consultant who’s ready to attract more
customers and more revenue, mark your calendar now for a powerful NSA
presentation you won’t want to miss. International speaker and recognized
“Rainmaker” Ed Robinson will share his powerful, proven “Make it Rain”
formula with us. You’ll learn how to skillfully rethink and retool your marketing
and sales efforts in ways that will help you reach and close more deals, more often and with more profit.


  • 10 behaviors that separate high performing Speaking professionals from others
  • How to create a model for attaining repeatable success quarter after quarter and year after year
  • Why the “Magic Marketing Mix” drives attraction to your brand
  • Steps for selling both simple and complex projects
  • Closing techniques for larger clients and winning major contracts

Ed Robinson is a professed “recovering CPA” and CEO of Robinson Performance Group. The company provides business growth strategies and leadership skills to organizations worldwide, “transforming professionals to Rainmakers.” Ed shares practical strategies and techniques to enhance sales and revenue for professional service organizations.

For more visit: www.edspeaks.com

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