VIRTUAL PROGRAM: Eric Kulikowski’s “Meeting Faciliation: Expand Your Business Beyond the Stage”

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Nobody likes meetings … especially ones that go off of the rails early and last a long time. That’s where you come in!

Draw on your many years of speaking and group engagement to offer Meeting Facilitation for your clients. It’s kind of like being a Master of Ceremonies, but with less corny jokes. Your clients can focus on contributing in the meeting rather than running the meeting. And you, as an unbiased third party, drive meaningful discussion and debate, and drive the team to a truly beneficial outcome. You are what their meetings have been lacking.

In this session we will:

  • Describe the difference between Meeting Facilitation and Training
  • Define the role of the Facilitator and what a facilitator is not
  • Discover the types of meetings that benefit the most from a facilitator
  • List the benefits for your clients that you can provide
  • Answer your questions about how to get started

About Eric Kulikowski

Since his days studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Dayton, Eric Kulikowski has dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence. The successes he has enabled have been built on a platform of employee engagement, cultural significance and change leadership.

In his role as a senior Operations leader for Philips Respironics, Eric equipped and inspired a highly engaged team to become a world-class operation and the region’s employer of choice. A daily focus on quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale was the backbone of success. Industry Week Magazine and Assembly Magazine independently recognized his two western Pennsylvania assembly plants as being the best factories in North America in 2009 and 2011, respectively.

As a professional coach, speaker and author within his business Dare to be Amazing, Eric inspires and equips leaders and business owners to make change possible. Businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals engage Eric because they want to discover proven ways to eliminate chaos that frustrates them, so they can focus on business growth rather than just survival.

Eric is a Professional member of the National Speakers Association and 2020-2022 co-president of the NSA Pittsburgh chapter.

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