Dr. Jim Smith, Jr, CSP: The Times Have Changed, How About You?

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Ways for being Disruptive, Innovative and Resilient in the 21st century

This extremely experiential and high energy session reinforces fresh thinking and new approaches – which are at the root of innovation and change. During, and post-corona, many have and will apply outdated tools and an old mindset to solve new and unprecedented problems. This presentation provides the fundamental building blocks for becoming a more cutting-edge and resourceful solutions provider, speaker, consultant and coach. Believe it or not the answers we seek are right in front of us and inside of us. We don’t have to Google them!

Successful innovators live a life of consistently and creatively raising the bar (i.e., the standard). They subscribe to Nelson Mandela’s quote, “It always seems impossible until it’s DONE!” During this workshop, Dr. Jim challenges convention (i.e., keeping it real) to encourage personal empowerment, growth, self-awareness and self-development. According to actor Will Smith, “Being realistic is the most commonly used road to mediocrity”.

This session is designed to encourage participants to change their aim. Remember, “It’s not that we aim high and miss, it’s that we aim low and hit it.” Today’s new opportunities and new performance climate call for us as speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches to aim high to be relevant and bring more value. Staying the same will not win the game!

Through discussion, large group, small group and individual exercises, participants will experience what their future audiences and clients will experience as well.

Our goal is for our NSA Pittsburgh family members to leave eager to adapt, adopt and apply the session’s learnings.

Session Aims:

  • Examine five traits of disruptive innovators
  • Explore how personal power and mindset shapes our choices
  • Analyze approaches for engaging our audiences in person and from a distance
  • Implement ways to bring more authenticity and vulnerability to the platform (wherever that may be)


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