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Join this fast-paced, entertaining program and discover hot ideas to thrive in this business.Laurie Guest, CSP, CPAE will show you how to create your own speaking success in a changing environment.  Emphasis will be on low-cost effective business techniques that are necessary for speaking success including unique proposals that find the gap dollars [...]

You are an expert. You’ve spent years developing your skills and your messages. But how do you bring more attention to the valuable ideas you have to share? In this workshop, Denise Hamilton will share practical, actionable ways to improve your visibility in both traditional and social media. To make sure you’re telling the [...]

It’s one thing to be talented at what you do. It’s another thing to be talented at building a business. It’s one thing to make money, it’s another thing to sustain success. Effort is admirable! Achievement is essential. This session will inform and direct. It will trigger commitment and accountability. It will separate your [...]

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Are you ready to serge past your sales estimates with a website that delivers amazing online results? Do you want your company to be found on page one of search results? Are you frustrated that your competition shows up on page one of Google search results but you don't? If you answered "Yes" to [...]

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