NSA Pittsburgh Affiliate and Professional Chapter Members can attend events included in their membership.

Guests: First time visit $25; Returning Guests: $80

How can you build a profitable speaking business that includes consulting, training or coaching?  How can you develop clients that use you monthly for years?  Even decades?  These questions will be answered with clear practical steps you can take immediately to grow additional income for your speaking business. Our speaker is Barry Banther, [...]

Turn Your 60-minute Presentation Into a 6 Figure Business Growing a successful business requires that entrepreneurs go beyond focusing on getting gig after gig. Successful business owners know that the key to a 6-figure business is to leverage their existing presentation by repurposing content into multiple products and service lines. From eBooks, coaching, and [...]

Turning Lightning into Electricity Your financial success as a speaker is only as strong as your ability to execute a business strategy. The problem is most speakers have a mission-driven message but don't have the building blocks of business. According to a recent Market Research blog, there are more than 40,000 professional speakers, but the overwhelming [...]

Do you want to accelerate the growth of your speaking business goals and objectives? Are you spending more time working IN your business rather than ON it? In this session with Amber Shelly and Joe Heaps from espeakers, you will learn how to create and implement the first 3 steps in accelerating your growth. [...]