There is no charge for this event, regardless of chapter status.

How To Become a Speaker Pro To Grow Your Business

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do I get those speaking engagements I have long desired?
  • What process works best for making contact with just the RIGHT person to hire you?
  • How hard is it to book my first ten speaking jobs?
  • When can I officially call myself a Professional Speaker?

Adam Martin has gone from dreaming of being a speaker to being at the top of the game in his niche in just a couple of years. It took much hard work and creative thinking to get there. And in this program. Adam is going to share with you the very practical and implementable processes, tips, tricks, tools, and mindsets necessary to go from the sidelines to the stage in a short period of time.

The key takeaways for this interactive session will be:

  • Identify the pathway to become a professional speaker
  • Leverage key strategies for approaching the process to become a professional speaker
  • Learn the tactics it takes to make becoming a professional your reality
  • Utilize resourcefulness to grow and scale your speaking business
  • Turn your tasks into celebrations for consistent momentum

This 60-minute program will provide actionable and immediately implementable tactics for anyone and at any stage of your speaking career.