Turning Lightning into Electricity

Your financial success as a speaker is only as strong as your ability to execute a business strategy. The problem is most speakers have a mission-driven message but don’t have the building blocks of business. According to a recent Market Research blog, there are more than 40,000 professional speakers, but the overwhelming majority don’t work full time. There are roughly 3500 members of the National Speakers Association and nearly 50% are not full-time speakers. The recent impact of COVID19 has devastated the meeting and event industry, thus making it more difficult for full-time speakers to grow their businesses, and some are leaving the speaking industry, actively looking for full-time jobs.

Attendees Leave This Presentation Knowing:

  • How to use LinkedIn to connect with your ideal client.
  • How to create resources, tip sheets, and compile research on a limited
  • How to make the most of your time when working full-time and build a six-figure speaking business.
  • How to create services that solve your client’s problems.
  • How to make influential connections while you serve in your community or non-profit.
  • How to keep a mindset of implementation going when you hit setbacks