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The Killer Keynote Conference

November 6 - November 7

What is the Killer Keynote Conference and What Can It Do for You?  The Killer Keynote Conference is THE ULTIMATE presentation training experience for people looking to take their presentation skills to the next level. During this conference, you won't just learn how to package your presentations; you'll EXPERIENCE how to present a killer [...]

Due to the covid-19 pandemic live presentations have been put on hold or at best are limited in numbers. As a result, event planners are looking for speakers who can deliver impactful content and have the technical set-up and skills to deliver programs virtually. As a communicator, how prepared [...]

Nobody likes meetings … especially ones that go off of the rails early and last a long time. That’s where you come in! Draw on your many years of speaking and group engagement to offer Meeting Facilitation for your clients. It’s kind of like being a Master of Ceremonies, [...]

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We help Speakers Earn a Living While Making the World a Better Place

Having a passion for speaking doesn’t always equate to getting paid to speak and making a living. Too often speakers lack the business and marketing know-how needed to bring their passion to life.

Part of being a successful speaker is knowing how to build a successful business plan. We want to help you build your business while avoiding costly mistakes.

At NSA Pittsburgh, We Help Speakers and Trainers in Three Key Ways:

  1. Deliver content-rich educational programs filled with practical strategies and resources to build a successful speaking business, even during times of world crisis.
  2. Provide a supportive community of like-minded people who understand the struggles of getting your message out into the world.
  3. Encourage the Spirit of Cavett which is based on the founder of the NSA’s vision “to take time to connect, help, mentor, or refer business to other members without expectation of reciprocation”.

Now more than ever with the changing landscape of the speaking industry, speakers need each other.

Register today for our next program and allow us to help you make the world a better place.

Bonnie Artman Fox & Eric Kulikowski
2020-2022 NSA Pittsburgh Co-Presidents

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